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The Cheapest Health Insurance you can buy in 2023


Health Insurance provides several advantages, one being access to necessary preventive medical care before any major health complications arise. There are various cheapest health plans out there with some being more cost effective than others – in this article we’ll take a look at a selection of cost-cutting policies available in 2023 that you could purchase yourself or someone else.

As this year draws to a close, choosing an honest insurance arrangement may be one of the easiest things you can do to safeguard you and your family from health emergencies. Open enrollment for insurance is currently taking place until November.

Out of 14.5 million individuals enrolled in camera insurance through the public marketplace, 13 million receive subsidies that reduce what they pay in premium insurance premiums.

Individual and family premium plans may reach as much as $2,000 monthly; families could spend as much as $4,000 and bronze plans can go as far as reaching up to $10,000 monthly.

There are various considerations when it comes to finding an inexpensive health plan. While it might be tempting to go for an upfront premium arrangement if your health issues tend to be minor, but keep an open mind regarding plan deductibles and copays that might come up later.

There are some insurance plans which provide excellent customer satisfaction while still offering great value for money.

Here are the four most cost-effective policies you’ll invest in 2023.

Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare for 2023 can have its advantages and disadvantages. Here is our breakdown.


  • All three available health insurance plans (bronze, silver and gold)
  • Offers lower overall costs than bronze plans.


  • Preferred Provider Organization is unavailable with this plan
  • It only earned two stars on’s rating system.

Out of all insurance packages, bronze arrangements are the most economical at approximately $200 per month. Molina Health Care Insurance stands out as being among the least costly options due to having low deductibles compared to its rivals.

Molina Tending provides bronze plans in some states for roughly $3,000 monthly deductible, while alternative plans offer about an $8,000 average deductible on average per month. To utilize either plan however, you would need to utilize their in-house care provider. gave this insurance arrangement two stars out of five; to learn more, visit their official website for all the details.


Here are a number of benefits and drawbacks of choosing award insurance arrangements for 2023.


  • Very competitive bronze and silver plans; provides child dental care plan
  • Includes its own premium Oscar app that promotes good health habits


  • Oscar is only available in 21 states and received a 2.75 health insurance rating from NCQA.

It has been noted that business members’ satisfaction with insurance has seen four-dimensional improvement this year, falling from 55.9% satisfaction rating last year to 51.8% according to NCQA ratings.

Oscar Insurance stands out among the four cheapest policies due to its comprehensive array of care plans.

Your insurance arrangement would offer several unique perks, one being weight loss programs that are less popular among its rivals.

The accolade provides their gold and silver plans with zero copays – perfect for students and staff looking to save money! As an insurance provider for technical school businesses, accolade aims to encourage people to adopt healthy habits with its premium application which rewards $1 per day met as part of your daily step goals and up to $75 annually!

As can be seen from above, one drawback to this present is its limited availability in only 21 states.


Here are the key pros and cons associated with selecting Aetna as one of the more cost-effective health insurance plans for 2023.


  • Eligible for a $0 walk-in visit at CVS MinuteClinics
  • Affordably priced plans with low copays | 100% coverage by premium tax credits


  • It does not include platinum health coverage
  • Dental benefits are limited compared to other plans listed here.

Aetna stands out among alternative insurance plans by offering free premiums and offering 100 percent tax coverage for premium payments.

Aetna announced their bronze insurance plans will go into effect starting 2023; these will require customers to pay over $9,000 as their deductible fee.

This fee enables patients to obtain medicine and other related healthcare expenses with affordable copays.

As mentioned above, CVS MinuteClinics provide affordable healthcare to treat minor medical problems without cost to visitors. They even provide emergency treatment at no charge!

Costs not covered under your policy would be deducted from your monthly insurance payments for that month.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Below are a few advantages and disadvantages of selecting Blue Cross Blue Shield as your insurance plan for 2023.


  • Available across all states
  • It has wide network coverage
  • Excellent third-party ratings
  • Offers cost-effective plans


  • Bronze and Silver plans tend to be very expensive
  • Their prices differ between states.

By choosing Blue Cross Blue Shield as your insurance plan of choice, you’re likely to enjoy its low monthly premium and high deductible.

Blue Cross Blue Protect is an expansive healthcare insurance provider, offering the cheapest health coverage to one in three Americans at an unbeatably affordable cost. They operate across many states in America – offering customers peace of mind knowing they’re covered by an organization known for being reliable.

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