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Email marketing platforms – how to earn with them


Email marketing is one of the things that make people who came from nothing, change their lives quickly. Email marketing, as well as sms marketing, abm marketing, linkedin marketing and among other ways, are ways to promote a product or service to people who are interested in buying that product from you, in which case email marketing works as a list where people sign up through email marketing platforms, such as mailchimp which is a customer data platform that stores email, phone, city and any other data you want to store there. If you have a physical store or are a service provider, having an email campaign running on automatic would give you consistent gains, because if you don’t have a business, start thinking about creating something I call thinkwithgoogle, which comes down to understanding how big companies make money from and model. Google earns in the intermediation of an advertiser with a content creator, and google only has people who access its platform every day.

Imagine having daily contact with interested people, you can send clickbank affiliate marketing links for example, or your own physical or digital products. Read this article until the end and I will teach you how to make a profit with email marketing even if you don’t have any product or service yet and I will show you one of the best Email marketing platforms.

Email marketing platforms

Choosing an email marketing platform is a very important part of your life, as you will gather your leads in just one email platform, so that when you make your email blast (send an email to several senders) you will have a great experience. result in the best known email marketing platforms in the world is mailchimp, however there are some mailchimp alternatives that are in my opinion much better, both in terms of delivery rate and customer support, the best Email marketing platforms is activecampaign, which is an email platform that has several services such as sms marketing and with seo agency services that puts many companies that claim to be the best seo company to their knees.

Email marketing platforms are secure?

Email marketing platforms are safe if you know how to choose well, as there are several companies and some of them are not professional, but the vast majority are safe and email marketing platforms like activecampaign are 100% safe and reliable, both in terms of of payments and the question of whether they deliver what they promise. You should be careful with where your leads come from and how you characterize them, because it’s no use going to lead generation companies and wanting to buy a list, because that doesn’t work and most of the time you’ll end up in your customers, which you certainly don’t want, because your email marketing was made to appear to people and not the other way around.

How to make money with email marketing:

Now that you know what email marketing is and which are the best email marketing platforms on the market, we can move on to the next step, which is to create a way to make money with the email marketing platform. I’ll start by talking to you who have a physical company or you who have a digital company, the first way is to get your customers to subscribe to your email list, you can do this by simply offering your customers a discount on the next one purchase, if they sign up for your list, after getting your customer to be on the email marketing list, you can simply send automatic promotions of your products and services by email, so that they are always in contact with your company physical and online, it seems simple and maybe it is, but I guarantee you that doing email marketing you will have much more results. In case you don’t have a business, don’t be sad, because I’ll teach you below how you can do email marketing too.

How to make money from scratch with email marketing:

If you don’t have a business yet, there are several ways to make money with email marketing, but today I’m going to teach you just two, one paid and one free. To start you should be able to hire your platform, which can be mailchimp or mailchimp alternatives which is the one I recommend the most, “activecampaign” there on these platforms you will create a quiz in the niche you intend to sell, I will recommend the niche of sewing or slimming, for the creation of the quiz, everything is already well explained, but if you have a problem just go to your email platform and ask your question to support. Your quiz should have three questions, if it’s weight loss, for example, you can ask the first question like “What’s your current weight?” then what weight would you like and at the end you ask, would you like to receive free tips on how to lose weight? at that moment, a contact page opens, so that the person can put their name, email, phone number… and so the person will be on your email list and will be able to receive your future promotions.

  • Generate leads organically:

Leads are nothing more than the customers you can register on your email marketing platform that you have a relationship with them daily, sending them promotions, tips and other types. To generate leads organically, you can do a live or on youtube or facebook of a subject that is in high demand at the moment, for example nba, football, fights shows… and at a certain moment you tell people about what they would win if subscribing to your email list and sending them the link.

  • Generate leads by paying:

Unlike the previous way, this way you will have to put money in, but if you do it right, you will have an email list that buys things from you forever. To get leads this way, you will need to create traffic or lead campaigns on facebook ads and google ads, which are the facebook and google ad platforms, so you leave your campaign running and you will always have new people on your list automatically.

How much does an email marketing platform cost?

Each email marketing platforms has its own price, however prices range from 5 dollars to 10 thousand dollars or more depending on the number of leads you have, however, citing the value of Activecampaign is 25 dollars the minimum package of 1000 leads, but I recommend that you you hire the package of at least five thousand leads so that you have a break at the beginning, and if you focus right, you can get it quickly.

Final notices: Now that you know the power of email marketing and how you can earn a lot using it, choose from the options I said and focus well, that you will have results, also test other services of these platforms such as sms marketing and quiz and know how to create a great email list so you are always having great results and do a lot of email subject tests and the way you do email copy. If you want to know more about these and other subjects, stay on top of our website, which is updated daily.

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