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Discover pre-approved credit cards and apply for them


In a world where we always need to buy new things all the time, having a personal credit card or a small business credit card will help you a lot when making your purchases, both online and physically. And we often have a low credit history and we end up with 0 credit card offers or a low credit limit, because of that we at Finance to Us will teach you how to stop chasing credit card applications in banks that don’t approve and go straight to pre-approved credit cards.

And if you have interest on free credit cards or are looking to discover student credit card pré approved for all, Read this article to the end, you won’t regret it. And see how to get all these cards and have a great card with benefits and often with zero percent credit card fees on your purchases.

  • Bank of america:

The world-renowned bank Bank of america has several credit cards that give you rewards for every purchase you make, but their card model that gives you the most cashback and scores is the bank of america cash rewards credit card, if you are chase visa credit card, this can be your choice, for the various benefits it he has, such as 3% refund on the category you prefer, 2% on supermarkets and 1% on all purchases.

How do I apply for the bank of america cash rewards credit card?

To get your card Bank of america, you will need to follow a few simple steps, first you will need to send your documentation, so that they can analyze your credit history (Don’t worry if you don’t receive credit card offers as Bank of America looks at things other than your credit score), after that you will say what credit limit you want and that’s it, you will receive your credit card at your home without having to go to the bank.

  • Brex credit card:

brex is a finance company that has one of the Best small business credit card and that also issues cards with super high limits, so you can have working capital, being able to buy new products and software using your credit card. Brex empower works with over 100 countries, empowering customers around the world. In all purchases with your Brex credit card, you earn 8 points that can then be exchanged, in addition to the possibility of investments within the application and in the organization of your financial life.

How do I apply for the Brex credit card?

To apply your card preferences for this mastercard credit, you just need to attach your card in preference to the documentation company and request your card preferences in the Brex app case you want to use the investment account, just the card apply, or all the things it gives to you.

  • Citibank:

And last but not least, the Citibank credit card the “citi custom cash card” one of the best credit cards for students, when you think about discover student card this Citibank credit card was one of the most recommended, by all students and non-students looking for an easily approved card. Much like the aforementioned credit cards, the citi custom cash card is packed with benefits like 5% cashback on the category you spend the most money on and 1% on every purchase you make, you can also get $200 back. if you spend at least $1500 in the first 6 months and if you pay everything on time, you will automatically receive limit increases over time.

How do I apply for the Citibank credit card?

I only showed in this list easy to apply credit cards, however the citi custom cash card is one of the easiest, you will also need to provide your documents in the application, however once you choose the products of your discover pre approval Citibank, you will not have to wait a long time for your response, often less than 30 minutes. After being confirmed, your card will be sent to your home with an optimal limit and a lot of practicality.

Final warnings: There are other pre approval credit cards to be discussed, such as the jp morgan credit card, disney credit card… But I decided to list only the main ones, if you are interested in knowing more, stay on top of our website, which Here we will pass daily tips on credit card, loan, investments, and various subjects to help you change your financial life.

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